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Hello! This blog is dedicated to the one of the most kick ass and awesome anime series, Yu Yu Hakusho by Yoshihiro Togashi. Formerly featured on Shonen Jump, Toonami and Adult Swim. Disclaimer: I DO NOT own yyh!

I see you guys going "that could've been so many fics" + I'm not sure if tumblr ate my second ask so, although they have a point--these girls got BANNED, their writing was so horrid. THEY CAME BACK. THEY HAD FANS. It was like the My Immortal of yyh


Favorite female characters (2/?)

Botan from Yu Yu Hakusho


Some more Kurama cards for ajerzaaddict

Ok but does anyone remember that one fic on fosff where three girls get sucked into the Yu Yu world after meeting up for a Yu Yu marathon and shenanigans ensue & they end up bringing the bad guys back home? It was horrible, yet hilarious.

lol sounds like an interesting fanfic for pass time.

anyone know?

The anon is looking for Counting Crows, I Believe. I think sekayyh is writing it. It's not completed yet though because she's essentially writing a novel.

anon, try checking that one out.

thank you for your answer (:

I think the fic the anon was thinking of is Beyond the Face of Fear. Sounds similar to that description.

another person said the same thing! maybe it is that

thanks for the reply! (:

I wonder if u can help me find an old fanfiction. It was mostly karasu kurama but the urameshi team lost to toguro and kurama becomes karasus captive. Yusuke gets his spine ripped out and Kuwabara dies by gas or was it fire? Only hiei remains and he goes after kurama to save him. I can't recall the name but maybe u or another follower could. Help please and thank you

hmm I don’t think I have read a fanfic of that but maybe if you guys know which one this anon is talking about please feel free to reply to this! so we can help a fan out (:

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