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Hello! This blog is dedicated to the one of the most kick ass and awesome anime series, Yu Yu Hakusho by Yoshihiro Togashi. Formerly featured on Shonen Jump, Toonami and Adult Swim. Disclaimer: I DO NOT own yyh!

Finally put up a new theme for yyhlove! (:


check out yusuke urameshi dressed as a matador in a shounen jump spread in honor of the 1992 barcelona olympics

there’s more characters too if you take a closer look

Your blog inspired me to rewatch Yu Yu Hakusho, and while binge watching the show, I've managed to go through all 300+ pages of your blog. I love it! Thanks for making me remember that there's still good anime out there.

wahh! I’m very glad that my blog has inspired to watch it again!<3333

Female character meme: [2/1] Non-Human female character; Yukina, Yu Yu Hakusho.
she is one of the ice maidens, also called snow woman. she is capable of producing precious pearls of legendary purity.. these pearls come from hear tears.”


It is the cover of the collection of cards.

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